Core concept - formal education program

The Nahl School

The Formal Education Program – the Nahl School, of the Manzil Educational Organization base its academic content, learning – teaching culture
and environment on the concept of the Honey Bee, as an inspiration from the Holy Quran. The lifestyle of the honey bee, culture of a bee hive,
the roles and responsibilities of assigned to honey bees inspired us towards organized and structured curriculum defining strands/ competencies,
standards, benchmarks and students’ learning outcomes for each grade levels.

The hexagonal shape of each cell of a honey comb motivated us to develop integrated curriculum fulfilling the six developmental needs of a child
and the society, which are;

The team of the Nahl School appreciates the nature of the honey bee by implementing the value-based organizational practices. The values which
brighten our environment are; Honesty, Trustworthiness, Compassion, Gratitude, Grit and Forgiveness.

The Home-room teacher of each grade level is like a queen bee. She ensures the holistic development of her students my providing the care and
warmth in a compassionate environment to groom and learn to one’s full potential.

program objectives

I. Enable our learners to;

II. Stimulate love of nature and their environment in which they live

III. Introduce the Nahl-Integrated value based Curriculum and Differentiated learning in the education system

IV. Make learning fun and meaningful

V. Enrich learning- teaching experience with an extensive Teachers' Training Program.

Our Schools campuses

Inaugurated in 2007, Manzil’s Pre-School is the nurturing ground where young minds take their first steps into the world of education. Built upon the foundation of our non-formal program learnings, the Pre-School is designed to offer a warm, welcoming environment that fosters curiosity and imagination. The curriculum focuses on the overall development of a child, ensuring they are not just school-ready, but life-ready. Using a variety of play-based and interactive methodologies, we lay the groundwork for cognitive, social, and emotional skills, preparing these young learners for the educational journey that lies ahead.

Our Primary School continues the trajectory set by our Pre-School, adding layers of complexity and depth to a child’s educational experience. Rooted in the ethos of our non-formal program, our primary education curriculum is not confined to academics alone. We emphasize experiential learning, where students engage in practical applications of theoretical knowledge. Project-based learning, interactive classrooms, and frequent cultural and environmental awareness activities are key elements of our Primary School program. Our approach ensures that the students are not only excelling academically but are also socially responsible and well-rounded individuals.

The crown jewel of Manzil’s Formal Schooling Program is our Secondary School, a culmination of years of careful planning and execution, informed heavily by our experiences in non-formal education. Here, the focus shifts slightly towards academic excellence, preparing students for the critical transition to higher education and career pathways. However, we ensure this does not come at the cost of their holistic development. Our Cognitive-Affective curriculum continues to play a significant role, enabling students to develop critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and a sense of social responsibility. The Secondary School program aims to produce not just high-performing students, but thoughtful, empathetic citizens ready to make a positive impact on the world.



Building on years of experience in providing quality education to marginalized communities, Manzil is excited to announce the expansion of our Formal Schooling Program through the adoption of public schools. Partnering with the local government of Karachi, we’ve initiated a pilot project where Manzil has adopted two out of 47 public schools. This endeavor stems from our sustained commitment to making a significant, positive impact on the public education system. Our rich history has given us profound insights into creating educational environments that nurture both cognitive and socio-emotional competencies, lessons we aim to integrate into these public schools for a more holistic educational experience.

Our mission transcends beyond merely managing these schools; we aim to elevate them, learning from our successes and challenges over the past years. Leveraging our unique Cognitive-Affective curriculum and community-centric approach, we’re determined to introduce an educational model that is not only sustainable but also replicable across the public school system. Our vision is to utilize this pilot project as a launchpad for broader nationwide reform, working hand-in-hand with public institutions to create an educational landscape where every child has the opportunity for a bright future.