Currently, 64% of Pakistan’s population is under the age of 30 with 29% lying in the 15-29 age bracket. Pakistan has always had a number
of vibrant youngsters who are on the forefront of bringing positive change to the nation. Pakistan is also home to 55 million individuals
who are classified as underprivileged or living below the poverty line.

The team at Manzil works hard to not only help other children but also inspire many to give back to their communities through volunteer
work. Keeping that in mind, we have created the Youth Advocacy Panel (YAP). YAP is designed to fulfil two main missions:
1. To allow the youth of Pakistan to connect with the various members of society regardless of any differences, we want our children to
step out of their comfort zone and help out the underprivileged by understanding and connecting with them.
2. Due to the overwhelming number of issues dealt by the youngsters in Pakistan, especially in teenage years, we feel it is well overdue to
encourage them to stand up and speak against issues that pertain to their cohort. Therefore, YAP is also a social platform for various
individuals to discuss issues and challenge the norm.

The program is designed to run each summer with a group of 10 students chosen from various schools in Karachi. Counselors, teachers
or principals may contact us at for further information on how to apply. Once the annual session for each
group has been successfully completed, students will receive certificates on behalf of Manzil and may use Manzil as a professional
reference in the future.