Our Team


Assistant Professor of Nephrology, Mercer School of Medicine, Macon, GA, USA

“I support education in Pakistan because I believe this is my moral and religious duty to uplift my fellow human beings and education is the only way.”

A catalyst for change and a stalwart supporter, Dr. Arif Niazi was instrumental in securing Manzil’s status as a registered charity in the USA. With a vision for expansive growth, he has always advocated for Manzil to establish its own campus in Pakistan. His generosity knows no bounds; he even provided his apartment in Karachi as the starting point for Manzil’s Rung program.

More than just a financial contributor, Dr. Niazi is passionate about laying down a foundation that ensures Manzil’s sustainability, lessening its dependency on external donors. His support is both consistent and heartfelt, always standing ready to assist Manzil whenever the need arises.

But his aspirations for Manzil go beyond its infrastructural and financial stability. Dr. Niazi is deeply committed to holistic education. His vision and dedication fuel Manzil’s mission, driving it towards becoming a more impactful and self-sustaining institution.