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March 29, 2023 - March 31, 2024

The Care Curriculum adopts integration of Cognitive and Affective approach to develop 21st Century skills among our kids. These focus on enhancement of communication skills and socio-emotional competence among our children. They learn to identify and manage emotions, care about themselves and others, make ethical and responsible decisions, and develop positive relationships with peers and adults.

We like to ensure that the underlying lesson in every interaction between our students, teachers, volunteers, patrons and the community at large, has an element of care and empathy to it! This is practiced through a multi-pronged approach of Listening, Counselling, Bonding and Personality Development. As a result, our kids respect others’ perspective and feelings, understand and manage intense emotions, negotiate conflicts, develop healthy personal and professional relationships, and accept responsibility of actions.

What we hope, to continue to achieve, is make it possible for every child to discover their Purpose of Life. We embrace differences and harness skills & abilities through a strong mentorship of the kids.

As a result of this approach we hope our kids can find a concentration or set of interests that they can transform into paths for fulfilment of Purpose of Life. This may be done through tertiary education, vocational & professional careers or more athletic or even artistic pursuits.

Our kids are being prepared to pursue higher education, endeavor to become professionals in the fields of medicine, engineering, business & more or pursue business and vocation. Every child is mounded according to their individual capacities.


Start: March 29, 2023
End: March 31
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