In a landmark collaboration with the local government of Karachi, Manzil has taken an ambitious step forward with the launch of our Teachers College project. This endeavor seeks to directly address a fundamental challenge in Pakistan’s educational landscape: the quality of teaching. Rooted in our belief that every child deserves a highly-skilled and passionate educator, the Teachers College aims to elevate the teaching profession by providing an innovative and comprehensive training program. Our curriculum is designed to not only impart essential pedagogical skills but also to instill a transformative teaching philosophy that encourages creativity, critical thinking, and social responsibility.

Building upon the strong foundation of our formal and non-formal schooling initiatives, the Teachers College project aspires to make a broader impact on the educational system across the country. Partnering with governmental bodies ensures a synergy that can enact real change at a systemic level, making quality teaching accessible and widespread. Through this project, we’re not merely aiming to train teachers; we’re fostering educational leaders who can be catalysts for change in their communities. By elevating the standard of teaching nationwide, we’re taking a significant stride toward a brighter, more educated future for Pakistan.