Our Team


Assistant professor of Nephrology, Dept of Internal Medicine at Mercer School of Medicine

A transformative figure and founding member of Manzil USA, Dr. Sagheer Ahmed has also been the backbone of Manzil Pakistan since 2007. Drawn to the organization after watching a television program, he reached out and quickly became an integral part of the Manzil family. His impact has been both immediate and enduring, manifesting in various initiatives he’s spearheaded over the years.

Among these initiatives is an inspiring annual Ramadan tradition. Dr. Sagheer orchestrates a day where working children and street children are taken on a shopping spree, empowering them to buy things of their own choosing. This simple act of self-determination brings immense happiness and instills a newfound confidence in the children, a testament to Dr. Sagheer’s empathetic approach.

Together with his wife, Dr. Zohra, Dr. Sagheer offers unwavering support to Manzil. Always advocating for greater public engagement, he urges the Manzil team to share their mission and accomplishments through various media outlets. This strategy serves dual purposes; not only does it raise awareness about Manzil’s cause, but it also challenges any skepticism people may have about the credibility of organizations based in Pakistan. Consequently, this increases the likelihood of garnering support and contributions from abroad.

Above all, Dr. Sagheer is a man of simplicity and humility, deeply committed to elevating the educational landscape in Pakistan. His counsel to students and teachers is straightforward yet impactful: work diligently and uphold the virtues of honesty and integrity. Through his sustained dedication and passion, Dr. Sagheer Ahmed continues to be a beacon guiding Manzil towards a brighter, more impactful future.