Our Team


President at Manzil Educational Organization, USA

Proactive and deeply committed, Shazia Akber is often the first to tackle any issue that arises, be it operational or financial. Alongside her supportive husband, Dr. Sohail, she takes a genuine, hands-on approach to Manzil’s myriad programs and initiatives.

Though she may be physically distant, residing in the USA, Ms. Shazia’s heart is closely entwined with the Manzil community. Known for her warm generosity, she frequently treats the students to their favorite foods like biryani, fries, and seasonal fruits, ensuring that they feel valued and cared for.

With her humble disposition and keen eye for authenticity, Ms. Shazia continuously seeks out individuals passionate about effecting positive change in Pakistan. She channels this commitment into her role as President of Manzil USA, aiming to provide the organization with the same love and resources she bestows upon her own family. Her drive and vision are palpable, and though she has yet to meet Manzil’s students, her heartfelt dedication resonates in every corner of the organization, inspiring a brighter, more educated future for every child in Pakistan.